INSANITY (Alice Wonder Book 1)

When an eccentric, hookah-smoking professor, Carter Chrysalis Cocoon Pillar, offer  19-year-old Alice Wonder a journey of self discovery,  she has to face her biggest fear of adulthood: leaving the comfort of her solitary cell in an asylum and go outside to the real world — only to realize that the ‘sane' people outside are madder than those kept inside…

An Amazon Top 100 Series. More than MILLION copies sold.


Written under the pen name: NICK TWIST.

After her plane crashed on an uncharted island, an amnesiac woman stops at nothing to find the her kidnapped daughter — even if everyone tells she never had one in the first place.


An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller. 


Years Writing


What readers are saying:

[He] has a voice and style that set him apart from other novelists… in its originality.”


Grady Harp - Top Reviewer

I could not put this book down. Really fast paced and keeps you continually guessing! Love, love, loved this book!

Laura Heyman

Cameron Jace is represented by

Storybook Publishing

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