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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

The Grimm Prequels

Copyright©by Cameron Jace 2012

What if Everything you knew about fairytales was wrong?


Two hundred years ago, the Brothers Grimm altered the true fairy tales, hiding the fact that its characters were immortals, secretly living among us.

  They placed a curse upon the Immortals, burying them in their own dreams, so they won’t ever wake up again. The Immortals’ bodies would appear as if in a coma in the real world, while their minds created a world of their own imagination in a realm called the Dreamworld. The Brothers Grimm once mentioned this curse in the Snow White story when she was sleeping in her glass coffin. In the original scripts, they called it the Sleeping Death.

  However, the Immortals broke the curse by intertwining their dreams, and thus enabled themselves to wake up for a brief time every one hundred years. The good ones wished to tell the truth about fairy tales. The bad ones planned to bring wrath upon our world.

  Since Immortals did not die, descendants of the Brothers Grimm summoned the Dreamhunters, a breed of angels that killed Immortals in their dreams. The confrontations didn’t end very well.

  Everything that happened in that period was documented in a Book of Sand, or what mortals call the Grimm Diaries. Different fairy tale characters wrote each diary, telling part of the story.

  My name is Sandman Grimm, and my job is to seal the final edition of the Grimm Diaries every one hundred years, using a magic wand that writes on pages made of sand. After I seal the diaries, they will dissolve into sand that I pour into children’s eyes every night to create their dreams.

  What follows are mini diaries I call the Grimm Prequels, scattered and buried pages that didn't make it to the main volumes of the Grimm Diaries. There are seven of them, each told by a famous character. You might want to read them before the first full-length diary called, “Snow White Sorrow.” It will give you an idea of what this world is like.

  The prequels don’t necessary hold the truth. Some characters might want to manipulate the truth in their favor. And since the prequels don’t give away much of the story, some matters could seem confusing at times.

  It’s better to think of the prequels like snapshots of a magical land you're about to visit soon. I like to think of them as poisoned apples. Once you taste them, you will never see fairy tales in the same light again.

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