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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

Chapter 1

Copyright©by Cameron Jace

January 15 2019

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1998

The girl opened her eyes and cried.

Her first day in this big joke called life didn’t promise much. A trail of tears conjured a defense mechanism against a foreign world she had been forced to visit. And against the chilling cold outside of her mother's womb.

An emptiness. A sense of betrayal. She felt like an outsider in this prison she later learned mothers called a ‘crib.’

Who was going to feed her now? Caress her with love and attention? Why did they have to pull her out?

And who the heck were these faces staring back at her?

Smiley faces dawned upon her from above. Big curious eyes welcomed her to this ’birth.’ Sticky sweet words of approval showered her with assurance and acceptance. For some odd reason, everyone celebrated her hesitant arrival.

Lying helplessly on her back, she slowly understood her predicament and lack of mobility. There was no free will here. So she figured she would take their words for granted. Why would they lie to her? Life was going to be  such a jolly experience.

Slowly her lips curved upward and formed a crescent smile. Her pointy cheeks and glittering eyes complimented her chubby face, so much that everyone else looked even happier. That fidgeting of her tiny legs and arms came involuntarily and they loved it.

Oh, hello princess.” One of the women cheered.

Princess? So all of you are going to sit at my feet and court me now? I like it already.

Her virgin eyes scanned her new friendly-friends with curiosity and expectations. But she had questions on her mind like: how freakin’ long before my limbs grew longer and stronger so I can leave this silly small cave I’m in?

She wiggled her nose to the woman’s gentle touch, and actually experienced warmth in this new world. What a wonderful life—


What the…

Suddenly she heard a loud explosion.

She could not move, but saw the women looking sideways. The crescent smiles on the women's faces dulled and straightened. Colored escaped their skin and their eyes were sucked into black holes, staring at something she could not see.

Come on. Eyes back here. Tell me I’m a princess.

Then one of the women disappeared. What the…

The one next to her fell. Ah, so the first one fell too?

The third raised her hand in the air, begging for something, praying for forgiveness.

“Please, not in front of the baby…”

Another explosion erupted.

A Bang.

The woman was too late. She didn’t drop though. She turned and looked at the infant in the crib. Was that a hole in her cheek?

The princess felt a warm droplet on her own cheek. She blinked, wishing she could move.

Another droplet.

Her eyes locked with the stiff woman, red droplets continiuing to splash down from her cheek until she finally dropped to the floor.




“Please no!”

Bang. Bang.

The princess realized she’d been right all along. This life was mad. A dark place she didn't ask for. How she wished she could back inside her mother's womb.

She closed her eyes and cried again.

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