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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

Chapter 10

Copyright©by Cameron Jace

January 15 2019

It confused Sailor why death didn’t hurt. Why didn’t he bleed or feel the impact of the bullets inside his brain? Had he been smoking too much, enough to be numbed to death itself?

But he wasn’t dreaming.

He was still alive and kicking. In fact, when Sailor slowly turned around, it was the enemy’s corpse which thudded to the ground. A bullet straight in the back of the head. Whoever shot him missed his first shot.

An inexperienced shooter.

An amateur.

Sailor turned to look behind him.


It crossed his mind that the inexperienced assassin would end up killing him as well, but he was wrong. What he saw amazed him and broke his heart.

Venus stood shivering with her gun aimed awkwardly sideways. Her body had stiffened and her eyes locked with the dead corpse she’d just sent to hell. She drooled. Beads of sweat poured from her forehead. She didn't know what death was. She didn't understand what it meant.

Sailor hadn’t the slightest idea how to react. Venus had saved his life, but had she just cursed hers with her first kill at ten years of age?

He blinked, wishing she’d look at him, but she was still fixated on the corpse.

“Is he dead?” She asked between shivering lips.


“Shit,” she shrugged.

“What did you have in mind when you shot him?”

She turned to face him, tears surfacing in her eyes but not letting loose. “I wanted to save you. I couldn’t imagine being without you.”

“Then that’s how you look at it,” Sailor resisted tears behind his eyes. He hadn't shed a tear since his wife's death. Venus hadn't known him long enough to say these words. She simply wanted a father.  “When an assassin kills, they kill for a reason. We kill bad people to make others’ lives better. Wickedly enough in our world, there is life in killing.”

Her eyelids fluttered. Her eye sockets somehow swallowed the tears back in. She loosened up a little, enough to let the gun drop.

“Thank you for saving my life.” Sailor said.

“You’re… welcome, I guess.”

“They say it’s a good idea,” he stretched his arms sideways, still on his knees. “To hug those you save.”

Venus ran into his arms, much faster than he anticipated. Faster than she’d anticipated.

“You think Mother will be upset?”

“On the contrary. She will be proud,” he ruffled her hair, and she liked it this time. “How did you leave the room?”

“I’m small. I crawled through the small window atop the wall,” she said. “I guess you’ve never locked someone my size inside before.”

“I didn’t,” he hugged her tighter. “And you’re not small, Venus. You’ll be bigger than you think.”

His words actually scared her, but she knew his intentions were good. She didn’t think about the future yet, so she didn’t question many things. She preferred to look one step ahead. One step, that’s all.

She said, “Am I going to the Organization now?”

“Yes, we’re very near.”

“Where is that?”

“Maiden Island,” he said. “You will love it.”

Sailor took her hands, wondering if the Organization stole this girl's childhood and aged ten year in a few days.

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