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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

Chapter 11

Copyright©by Cameron Jace

January 15 2019

, Maiden Island, Bermuda Triangle,

Atlantic Ocean, 2019


An older John Long Sailor leaned back in his office chair, legs crossed upon his mahogany desk, smoking a cuban cigar and staring outside his window. Another beautiful, but hectic, day in Maiden Island. Teenage newcomers trained their asses off outside. New blood. Mostly girls. All soon to be working for the Organization: The Princeless.

Smoke swirled outside the window where a young blood of assassins fired guns in the field, jumped walls, fist fought and learned how to make explosives—he made the winner light up his cigar with it.

Back to the pile of stacked files on his desk, he picked up the one on top. A ten-year-old thick dossier about the girl who once saved his life.

He slid out one piece of paper . A short report…

Name: Venus Scamander Wild.

Age: 20.

Nationality: N/A

Parents: N/A (raised by Mother)

Gender: Princeless.

Profession: Assassin (Tier F: Trainee)

Years of training: 10 by Mother. 10 Bootcamp in Tower Island.

Handler: John Long Sailor

Horoscope: Scorpio.

Body Count: 1 (saving her Handler)

Fake Body Count in Training: 503 (impressive).

Skills: Martial Arts (5) – Face to face combat (7) – Shooting (9)

Pain threshold: 6.

Diet: Ketogenic with two days of Carb Refeeds. Fasting Tolerance: 5 days.

Mental Health: 7 out of 10 (Lapsing from trauma from her first kill, People are ‘sources' to her. Either targets, teachers, or beneficial. She should change in the real world where she meets normal people.)

Attention to detail: 7.

Tattoos: None, yet.

Overall Grade: 7 out of 10. (Impressive)

WEAKNESS: Confidential.

Sailor took another drag, eyeing the WEAKNESS part. Though the Organization hadn’t recognized Venus’ weakness through the years, he had definitely figured it out. However, he wasn’t going to write it down. Not today. He feared her weakness will worry the Organization.

Now he wanted to read more about his memories with Venus in the past ten years.

A second piece of paper mentioned Venus’ highlights through the years.


Venus' freshman year in Maiden Island. Girls make fun of her for being new and skinny and having had to shoot twice to get her first kill right. Venus is 5 foot 7. Not short, but shorter than most candidates. Venus trains hard to prove herself. It’s not enough. She goes to bed crying every night.


Venus befriends few boys on camp. They think she is cool, but make fun of her because she ‘just a girl.’ Venus trains. She is getting better, but still cries herself to sleep every night.


Venus is best at hand-to-hand combat. She is not as good in hitting her opponent, but she is the one girl on campus not afraid to take a pinch. Boys and girls tease her. Sometimes they sneak into her room and trigger a fight. Venus isn’t as strong, but every time she is hit, she stands up again, bloody nose, face, broken arms until her assailants give up. She is going to grow into a beautiful girl with ‘cold eyes.' The punches aren't good for her physical appearance, if not taken control of.


Venus speaks little. Training is on spot. She isn’t an outlier — one who shows unusual skills that grant them the privilege to the top of chain — but she learns fast. Today she climbed a wall, crawled for miles into a sewer of shit and mucus, ran through mud, and jumped off a cliff to swim ten miles back. She stopped crying at night. Instead, she works out in her room–and indulges in her favorite fruit, pineapples.


At the age of fifteen, Venus’ results are impressive. Her Handler is pleased. He is about to give her an 8 out of 10 for her first five years in Maiden Island. But then she asks to see her mother. Sailor had to give her the talk: there was no such thing as family in The Princeless. The only family was the Organization. The only religion was The Princeless rules. The Princeless Board of Elders is not pleased. They give her a year of rehabilitation, or she’d be sent back out to the world of ordinary people.


Venus is starting to rebel. She has come to understand her capabilities and hates the Organization. One day she walks over to the girls who mocked her in the shower and hit each one of them to the floor. Hand-to-hand combat. Bare feet, bare skin, and splashy water. None of the girls ever mocks her again.

The Organization’s concern escalates. Sailor promises to take care of her..


Venus befriends a boy in the group. The bad boy of the bunch. They spend time smoking together. Her diet declines. Her skills, too. She leads the girls and the boys, but she is weakened to this one bad male seed. A boy who calls himself Widowmaker. The Organization expels Venus. Sailor opposes them and instead places her in solitary confinement for one year to repent.


In solitary, Venus hears the boy betrayed her. He made her think he liked her so she loses her grades. She was about to become number one. He was two, now he becomes the best while she is imprisoned. This is Venus’ darkest hour. Widowmakers, a male, is the Organizations most appreciate newcomer.


Venus spends a year training with Sailor in a dark room, asking for The Princeless forgiveness. The Organization has never seen a girl so determined. At one point they send for Mother to watch her from behind a one way glass. Mother stands collected, though she looks like it is tearing her apart on the inside. Venus never sees her, and spends her time training with Sailor who has devoted a year of his life to her dealing with issues of his own.

Quoting John Long Sailor, her Handler, “What’s a year as payback for the girl who saved my life?”

Quoting Mother seeing her training in a solitary cell at the age of 18 instead of going out and playing and falling in love, “Venus knows how to take a punch and get up again, even if it’ll cost her to spend a year in hell.”


The Organization's meeting with the Mother and Pillar lead to a conclusion: Venus is different like they had initially expected, but she isn’t stable. They ask her Mother about Venus’ weakness. Mother says ‘She needs to live a little. Experiencing real life to appreciate her fate.’ 

Sailor refrains from explaining her weakness. We still wonder if he couldn’t figure it out or preferred not to tell the Organization.

Conclusion: Venus is back, but she has to prove herself – Widowmaker is transported abroad for his first mission. She should never see him again.


The year Venus is about to turn twenty-one.

A ragtag of soldiers sent by the enemy infiltrate Maiden Island and start killing the trainees. Blood everywhere. Chaos. Destruction. Only Venus is alive on her own. She takes them out one by one. Relentless. Unforgiving. Calmer than expected. Standing alone in the Tower island she can’t believe what just happened. The Organization doesn’t show itself but sends Sailor with a smile on his face.

Venus is confused. Turns out the Organization faked the attack. The enemy would never find Maiden Island, hidden amidst the ocean, and protected by the myth of the Bermuda Triangle–the Bermuda Triangle myth is the Organization's work, so no one finds their headquarters.

This was a training. A test. A graduation.

Venus is not a trainee anymore. She is ready for her first real mission.

Sailor slid the paper back into the dossier, and signed her official graduation papers. Under her WEAKNESS, he wrote ‘None that I know of.'

He lied.

Her weakness was so obvious no one saw it. A glaring black spot that eclipsed the sun and would eventually endanger her mortality.

But he resided to silence, or she wouldn't graduate. He owed her his life and didn't want to stand in her way. She deserved to leave the island, and live, fall in love maybe–eat pineapple ice cream fudge.

He wouldn’t deny her the chance to leave Maiden Island and figure out what she wanted. Who she was. What she could offer to the world.

Venus walked into his office, saluting him like a soldier, eyes filled with anticipation. “Did I make it?”

Sailor couldn’t help but admire that look in her eyes again. “Have a good night sleep, Venus,” he leaned back and sucked on his cigar.

Her face dimmed.

“Tomorrow,” he said. “Is your first mission.”

Venus didn’t smile back. Instead, she did her best to fight her tears.

“Here is your temporarily passport,” He threw it in the air and she caught it.

“Valarie White?” She read her name under her picture, wearing a curled platinum-blonde wig.

“Like trained, you have to get used to using new names, almost in every mission,” he stood up, spiting out tobacco. “Don't forget to bring your gun.” he said darkly.

She nodded and turned to leave.

“And a Bikini.”

She stopped and looked over her shoulder.

“The mission is in Marseille, France,” he said without the slightest expression on his face. “That's if you make it out alive.”


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