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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

Chapter 16

Copyright©by Cameron Jace

January 15 2019

AirBnb Apartment, Paris

Venus opened the door to her apartment, a bottle of Rose tucked under arm. She kicked off her heels and strolled barefoot to her kitchen bar. From her bag, she pulled out a box of the finest chocolate and poured herself a glass of wine. Tonight she was going to numb herself so she wouldn’t cry in her dreams.

What was she thinking? Pierre was so gentle and nice.

She slumped into the couch and turned on the TV. There had never been a TV in camp so she had all the movies and TV shows to devour tonight. All by herself with the chocolate and wine.

She wondered why she liked Pierre so much. Something about him had struck her at first sight.

The shows on TV were all in French so she didn't enjoy them. She switched channels aggressively, looking for something that spoke a language she could understand.

One channel caught her attention. She was certain she understood this language, though the actors on screen spoke no words. Venus' eyes widened. Butterflies tickled her insides as she saw two people kissing passionately.

Pierre came to mind, immediately.

Why was she so attracted to him. He wasn’t taller like the bad boy she hooked up with in the camp. He was just a silly, normal young man with a French accent—and she made him feel weird about it.

Angered, she turned off the TV and gorged on chocolates in the dark.

A dark that didn’t last long when a side lamp clicked on and a stray of yellow light pooled onto her face.

“Shit.” Venus said with a mouthful, scrambling for the spare gun she had tucked under the cushions of the couch. “This job never ends, does it?”

“Don’t do it,” a voice warned her from the dark.

Venus stopped, her fingertips close to the gun.

“I’m not going to kill you,” the voice said.

A female voice.


Venus slowly turned and squinted at the silhouette sitting comfortably in the sofa to her left. Was that who she thought it was?

The words shriveled out of Venus’ mouth, “Mother?”

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