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PRINCELESS by Cam Jace Storykiller

Chapter 25

Copyright©by Cameron Jace 2019

Entrance, Skyscraper, Singapore

“Welcome to Skyreach, Mrs. West,” the Asian bodyguard at the door said, flipping through her passport.

Venus didn’t reply, acting pompous and stepping through the metal detector. Had her LEGO five-piece gun not been made of plastic, she would have been exposed. The pieces on their own looked parts of a phone charger.

“Victoria West?” The Asian man inquired.

“Callahan,” Venus picked up her fur shawl from the trace. “Victoria Callahan West.”

The others deliberately inspected her keychain with fake BMW keys hung, and a few other expensive tokens.

“Callahan West?” The man inquired with a squint of his eyes. “The Callahan West?”

Venus nodded carelessly, eyes on the keychain. “That’s Mr. Callahan bank safe-key at the Four Seasons,” she pointed. “Would you please treat it with care?”

“But of course,” the bodyguard said. “Just like I gently treated the Beamer’s keys.”

“Fuck the Beamer,” Venus said, chin up. “Callahan can buy me another. Hand me the safe keys.”

The inquirer shared a look with the bodyguard. Suspicion entailed. He asked the bodyguard to return the keychain without the golden safe key.

“Excuse me?” Venus said.

“We’re going to have to test under a different machine, Ms. West,” the inquirer said with a smug look on his face.

Venus tensed. She picked up her belongings, waited by the desk, watching other elite men and women pass through.

“Is this going to take long?” She tapped her foot against the marble floor, asking the bodyguard. Having had the five-piece LEGO gun pass the detector was one thing, but the syringe bullet was partially metal, and she couldn’t confirm it passing through yet. It was a nifty piece of killing instrument, that not only screamed suspicious, but ‘assassin.’ She had stuck it to one of the keys. As thin as it was, it shouldn’t get detected.

“It’s procedure,” the bodyguard said. “May I ask about your relation to Mr. Callahan West?”

Venus waved him off with her gloved hand, playing the part.

“To my knowledge, Billionaire Callahan isn’t married,” he continued, waiting for the inquirer to return with the results about the safe key. “It’s a little bit odd to carry his last name.”

“Listen, pretty boy,” Venus rummaged through her Louis Vuitton bag and came up with a little lipstick tube. “We both know what this building is, don’t we?”

The bodyguard shrugged, eyes sideways, making sure not to embarrass himself. He leaned forward and hissed, “But of course, m’am. It’s just that you’re a little young.”

“My client likes them y…” Venus said but was interrupted by the inquirer’s arrival.

“Key’s clean,” he handed her the bank’s golden key. “I’m sorry for your wait,” he shrugged his shoulders. “You know the building accommodates the world’s richest businessmen.”

Venus tucked in the lipstick, not taking her eyes off the inquirer. Her face was inanimate and cold. “And business is good, isn’t it?” She snatched the keys and walked ahead.

The people in line emitted their laughs. A few feet away, Venus took the elevator to Wan Tzu’s floor. Inside the luxurious elevator box, she double-checked on the BMW keys.

Excellent, the syringe was still intact and ready for use. As for the bank’s golden key, it was a distraction to get them to look in the wrong place.

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