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Hey, I'm STORYKILLER. I travel the world and write about fairytale origins with quirky fun characters, backed up with historical events and locations.

Here are some available books for you to read.

Wonderland has a new dress code: a stratijacket. When Wonderland Villains roam the streets of London, one girl is set to save the world. Problem is: she is insane…

A female assassin, raised to kill evil men, is set on a journey of self discovery — and the origins of untold fairytales. Featuring Carter Pillar.

Urban fantasy dealing with orgins of vampires, werewolves, fairytales in true historical locations, featuring a flamboyant Carter Chrysalis Cocoon Pillar.

Everything you knew about fairytales is wrong. Each diary expose the untold truth from the point of view of your favorite fairytale characters…

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